Sunday, July 26, 2009

Book Review: The Scandinavian Cookbook by Trina Hahnemann

At first glance, this is an utterly beautiful book, with full-color, glossy photos of food and Scandinavian landscapes--food and travel porn at its best. Trina Hahnemann divides her recipes into the four seasons, which is an increasingly popular style of organizing a cookbook. It doesn't always work, but I think in this case it does, as she is in part emphasizing the seasonality of food in Scandinavia--especially the foods that are fished or hunted. She also puts together menus for different holidays, which is appropriate considering most of her readers in the United States will not be familiar with the customs in Sweden and Norway (the two cuisines most often highlighted).

All that being said, I have tried one recipe from this cookbook, and it was very nearly a disaster. I made the 'Rice Pudding with Warm Cherry Sauce,' a dessert traditionally eaten following Christmas dinner. The first pitfall was far too much salt in the rice pudding (and I used less than what was instructed), an error, I suspect, of translating from metric to English measurements. The second was too much sugar and corn starch in the cherry sauce, making it very closely resemble canned cherry pie filling. Not the result I wanted when I spent a small fortune on organic frozen cherries. I was also confused by her insistence that the pudding be eaten cold, as my second generation Swedish immigrant grandmother always served rice pudding warm. The resulting dessert was edible, but just barely.

I am not willing to give up on this cookbook, however, as it has too many promising recipes to try, including ones to use up my significant other's vast quantities of venison in the freezer. I will come back to this review and rating once I have tried others, but for now I must say I was very disappointed.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Costume!

I dressed up as Ana Matronic from the Scissor Sisters, replicating as best I could her outfit from the "Kiss You Off" video. Here are the pics:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Reason Enough for Conservation to be a No-Brainer

photo via BBC News

I give you reason #265,506,493,768,261 for changing our ignorant American ways when it comes to the environment. This absolutely precious (in every sense of the word) little bundle of fuzz and ears is a long-eared jerboa, from the Gobi desert. The story on the first jerboas caught on film is from the BBC, so go on over and see why we should care that so many species are disappearing every day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Brand Spankin' New

Welcome to the very first entry. This blog will be an outlet for my opinions, rants, contemplations, and general snarkiness regarding feminism, pop culture, politics, crafts, and living in the bluest state in America (and being damn proud of it).